Bostap offers a wide range of quality timber, tooling, fixing and fastening solutions from one central location for the assembly and repair of bulk bins and pallets. We customise our products according to our clients' needs.

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Product Catalogue

1. Bulk Bin Timber

Standard Sizes (CCA treated or untreated)
Long Side 22 x 145 x 1270
Short Side 22 x 145 x 1023
Bearer 70 x 98 x 1070
Bottom Plank 22 x 108 x 1270
Bin Corner 90 x 90 x 610
Internal Load Distributor 32 x 95 x 610

Bulk Bin Timber can be supplied in various lengths and profiles, i.e. Radius, PAR and Bullnose

2. Bulk Bin Hardware

Screws (partial and full thread)
Bin Screws Ø6.0 x 40mm Pozi #3 (2500/carton)
Bin Screws Ø6.0 x 50mm Pozi #3 (2000/carton)
Bin Screws Ø6.0 x 60mm Pozi #3 (2000/carton)

Nails Ø2.50 x 60mm R/S Coil Nails (9000/carton)
Nails Ø2.80 x 75mm R/S Coil Nails (5000/carton)

Steel Pressing
Steel Bin Corner 90 x 90 x 700 x 1.2 (Standard)
Steel Bin Corner 90 x 90 x 400 x 1.2 (Mini)
Steel Bin Corner 90 x 90 x 520 x 1.2 (Maxi)
Steel Bin Corner 67.5 x 67.5 x 720 x 1.0 (Export)

Steel Load Distributors
Steel Bin Strip 32 x 350 x 1.2
Steel Bin Strip 32 x 500 x 1.2

4. Tools

BOSTAP Air Screwdriver Pistol Grip 1/4" 800rpm - fully serviceable
BOSTAP Air Drill Reversible 3/8" Keyless Chuck 1800rpm - fully serviceable

BOSTITCH H30-8 Hammer Tacker - fully serviceable
BOSTITCH P6C-8 Stapling Plier - fully serviceable
Fine Wire Stapler - fully serviceable
Pneumatic Stapler - fully serviceable

Coil Nailers

Poly Strap Tensioner - fully serviceable

5. Consumables

BOSTITCH STCR 5019 6mm Staples
BOSTITCH STCR 5019 10mm Staples
BOSTITCH SL 92 Staples 15mm - 38mm
UNICATCH 1013J Gauge 16mm Staples

Strapping Hand Woven 19mm 420 kg (1000m/roll)
Circular Buckle 19mm (500/bag)
Corner Piece Plastic 19mm (1000/bag)

6. Sawmilling

Narrow Bandsaws
Narrow Bandsaw Platinum Sawblades in 22mm pitch - in various widths and lengths
Uddeholm Wide Bandsaws - in various widths and lengths
Narrowband Sawmill Conversion Kits


Providing service excellence to our customers is a cornerstone on which we have built our business and high-quality service is pivotal to our sustainability.

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